Descriptive Essay - Definition, Topics, and Outline

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A descriptive essay is a form of essay in which the writer must use vivid details to describe a person, place, event, emotion, or experience. It is an essay that creates a mental image in the mind of the reader. It allows the reader to go through what the author has gone through. The basic goal of a descriptive essay is to give enough information about something so that the reader may visualize it in his head for ‘write my paper’ tasks.


Writing one is quite simple and easy if you know the essential tips and tactics for writing a decent descriptive essay. You may easily compose your essay or hire an essay writer to do it for you. The essay topic is the first thing you'll need to produce a descriptive essay. You can simply create a nice essay if you have a suitable topic. However, you will not be able to create an excellent essay if you do not have a suitable topic by essay writing service.


As a result, it is critical to have a topic for a descriptive essay that is both intriguing and appealing before you begin writing. Here are some terrific descriptive essay ideas to get you started.


Describe the little garden you built in the backyard

Describe your first car or bike or bicycle that you bought from your money

Describe a person you don’t want to meet ever again

Describe the feeling when you have experienced the love for the first time

Describe the park near your house where you go for a morning walk

Describe the wall clock in your room

Describe the water bottle you bring with you to the office

Describe the pair of chair you have on your lawn

Describe your footwears that you wear for jogging

Describe the house where your mother grew up

Describe a place that you would love to visit someday

Describe the experience of meeting your best friend’s mother for the first time for essay writer

Describe the person you hate the most

Describe the house where your grandparents live

Describe the house that you made for your dog


Choose the one that most interests you now that you have a list of fascinating descriptive themes. After you've decided on an essay topic, you'll need to create a descriptive essay outline. It is a good idea to prepare an outline before beginning to write the essay. An outline functions similarly to a road map in that it directs you to your desired location.


Similarly, you may not be able to compose your essay perfectly if you do not have an outline. Sure, you can produce an essay without an outline, but the content in that essay may not be properly ordered or structured. As a result, before you begin writing your essay, you should write my essay and create a descriptive essay outline. If you need assistance creating a descriptive essay, contact writing service


As of right now, here is a descriptive essay outline structure that will show you how to create a flawless outline.




Start with the hook statement.

Provide a little background.

Present an informative thesis statement.

Body paragraph I

Start with a topic sentence.

Provide supporting evidence.

Transition to the next paragraph.

Body paragraph II

Start with the second topic sentence.

Provide supporting evidence.

Transition to the next paragraph.

Body paragraph III

Start with the final topic sentence.

Provide supporting evidence.

Transition to the conclusion.


Summarize the essay.

Restate the thesis statement.

Call to action.


This sample descriptive essay outline will show you how to create a basic outline and what aspects you should include in it. It will assist you in organizing the facts you want to include in your essay and writing a great essay in a short amount of time. If you're still having trouble, you can hire a professional writer to compose an essay for paper writing service.